I am proud to offer you the best possible quality Nephrite Jade Egg, supplied by a GIA certified Canadian jade mine.

Each egg's colour and markings are beautiful and unique, making them a personalised piece of art, just for you. Variations in the colour of the Nephrite Jade egg are because of the amount of the mineral iron in the egg. The more iron that is present, the darker green or almost black the egg might appear. The egg comes with a satin pouch, a pipe cleaner and step by step instructions prepare your egg as well as some practices to get you started.

The eggs are approximately 4.3cm long x 2.7cm wide and are drilled length ways for easy stringing and cleaning.


I recommend unwaxed dental floss to string your egg, this can be hard to find in Australia so you may want to grab some before you checkout.


Nephrite Jade Egg


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