Save $15 dollars on the Jade Egg, practice CD and unwaxed dental floss, everything that you need to get started with the Jade Egg.



1 x Nephrite Jade Egg, supplied by a GIA certified Canadian jade mine. The egg comes with a satin pouch, a pipe cleaner and step by step instructions prepare your egg as well as some practices to get you started. The eggs are approximately 4.3cm long x 2.7cm wide and are drilled length ways for easy stringing and cleaning.


1 x Livingstone brand unwaxed dental floss, 50 meters of floss.


1 x Jade Egg Practice CD. Running for just over 1 hour, the CD covers warming ups, breathing exercises, lying down, seated and standing Jade Egg practices and techniques to energise and finish.

Jade Egg Starter Pack


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