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  • Naomi

On Finding Joy in Chaos

As I write this post from a cafe in Melbourne, I am supposed to be at 35,000 feet, on my way to LA via Sydney for the final piece of training before graduating from the my intensive year long training in the Desilets Method.

So why tea and eggs in a cafe in Melbourne instead of an airplane breakfast?

My morning started well, if early, check in at the airport was smooth, everyone was relaxed, but then when things started to go wrong they really, really went wrong.

Firstly, my plane to Sydney was delayed. Then it was really delayed. Then it was cancelled. Sydney airport control towers had radar failures and all the planes were grounded and no one was flying in or out. So I couldn’t get to Sydney to get to LA. But then it got worse. When I rang Virgin Australia to see what I could do to book on to the next available flight, their systems had crashed as well. No one was going anywhere. I had no answers to my questions and no idea when I would have answers. The queue at the service counter was hours long, if the systems were even up and running to deal with everyone in the same position as I was in, and there was somewhere that I really had to be!

It was the perfect situation for frustration and anger and venting at airport ground crew, and instead it was one of the most enjoyable, entertaining mornings I have ever experienced! In fact, I’m still chuckling about it as I am writing this.


Purely because in the midst of the chaos and the uncertainty, I made the conscious choice to engage with the situation from a place of innocence and curiosity, to keep an open heart and find joy.

And this is what I think happened. Because my heart was open and soft, everyone I approached to help me with the situation met me with an open heart. I had some incredible connected conversations with the ground crews who were as flummoxed by the situation as I was and were so grateful to be met with lightness and humor. Everyone went out of their way to help me out where they could. The other passengers around me were laughing with me as we imagined just what else could possibly go wrong (the general consensus was that a zombie apocalypse would be the icing on the cake).

As a result, even though it might not look like it, everything flowed perfectly. I am booked for the next available flight tomorrow morning. My bags were returned to me in record time with a smile and a wink. I get another day in Melbourne to spend buzzing with the joy of connection and the imperfection of life.

And it all happened because I chose. I chose joy and curiosity and connection. I chose to see the humor and to be in the moment as life unfolded. Because I know that my definition of life creates the reality of the life that I live.

Let me say that again, it’s a big one! My definition of life creates the reality of the life that I live! And I really want to have a life defined by joy and connection and open-heartedness…

I would love to hear from you in the comments. When have you noticed that your redefinition of a challenging situation has meant a complete turn around in what you have experienced? Are there some situations in your life at the moment that could do with a redefinition? What would it take for you to make the switch and the turn around?