Ignite limitless pleasure, juicy aliveness,
and create the foundations of life-long sexual and pelvic health...

Welcome to
Cultivating Embodied Pleasure

A workshop dedicated to healing and sensuous self exploration for women and vulva owners 

So you're ready for healing, pleasure, and vitality...

Maybe you're ready to admit that you've been dreaming about a deeper, more profound relationship with yourself, your pleasure, and your body?
Or, maybe it's time to enjoy better pelvic and vaginal health, hormonal balance and wellbeing, and a more sensually turned on life?

Perhaps it's occurred to you that you could be one of those women with that inner glow of confidence, a swing to her hips, and an unshakeable trust in her body?

Or, are you tired of living a life where orgasms and sex are just another job on your to-do list, and not part of your turned on life of joy? 

"[The workshop] was such an amazing process & transformative experience. It has fixed my incontinence issue (in just 3 weeks) but I got so much more out of it too.  A greater sense of my body & what she's capable of, but also a deeper connection with myself & increased love for myself too."

- Teresa, 47 yrs

The Cultivating Embodied Pleasure Workshop is for any woman or vulva owner, at any life stage, who wants more pleasure, turn on and trust in her own body. 

So, yep. That includes YOU!

**Please note this Workshop is non-sexual in nature, and there is no nudity or touching by Naomi or any of the other workshop attendees.**

Supporting your capacity to feel pleasure in your whole body, not just isolated to your pelvis!

More pleasure = more and richer orgasms

More pleasure = a juicer, more turned on life

More pleasure = a greater capacity to take on life and transform it into one that truly lights you up and leaves you with your tank filled, not drained and empty.

Supporting overall pelvic health, including assisting with and potentially healing chronic and acute conditions.

Providing tools to navigate the changes that may become a challenge at different life stages, including peri-menopause, menopause and the power stage.

Hormonal balancing and wellbeing

Re-patterning chronic pain and tension conditions (this alone can change your life!)

Vaginal health

Healing old injuries or wounds to the pelvis and vagina

Recovering from birth and surgery

Healing incontinence, vaginal dryness or thinning, and chronic yeast and bladder infections

Prevention of prolapse

As well as all of this, add in the potential for:

Greater sexual mastery

Reawakening of libido

... and so, so much more!

The Cultivating Embodied Pleasure Workshop may involve the use of a Jade Egg, however, the entire experience can be done without the Egg with the same available pleasure, health and healing benefits:

"Naomi provided a beautiful sense of safety through her comfortable, embodied presence and passion for the work. I learnt that there was a level of deep listening that I had never previously allowed myself. I learnt how much deeper my own boundaries and safety and advocacy can become to facilitate a deeper experience of love and pleasure in my body". 

- Catherine, 38 yrs

In case the words 'Jade Egg' tweaked your curiosity and you would like to explore more:


Introducing the Jade Egg

aka that tiny tool of transformation

Also known as 'you want me to put that WHERE?!?'

You can read more about it here, but in a nutshell, a Jade Egg a small piece of Nephrite Jade, that has been carved into a small egg shape, with a hole drilled down the center.

And yep, the egg is used inside the vagina.

Like I said above, the egg is an option during the workshop, but the entire, rich, juicy experience can be had without using one.

"I felt completely safe because Naomi is a person I can trust with intimate, personal, delicate matters. Naomi is beautifully gentle and I have learned self care, re-connection with my inner self and how important it is for me to focus on what I need to do to look after my physical and emotional needs". 

- Maria, 53 yrs

The Cultivating Embodied Pleasure Workshop includes:

Online Socializing

Two zoom calls, one before and one after the in-person workshop, so you can practice, explore, ask questions and share your wins, a total of 5 hours of online practice.

Waterside Women

One full day in-person workshop, where we will come together, learn, practice and explore with the Jade Egg, all in a discrete, strongly held container. 7 hours of in-person practice.

Women Holding Hands

A dedicated WhatsApp group, facilitated by Naomi from the first until the final zoom call, where you can ask questions, share your wins, and support each other to grow and glow. 

The details:

Zoom call 1:

Wednesday 21st July, 7-9 pm Melbourne time

In person event:

Sunday 25th July, 9am - 6pm.
East Melbourne location provided on booking.

Zoom call 2:

Sunday 8th August, 3-6 pm Melbourne time


$375 full, no Jade Egg required
$465 full, with a Nephrite Jade Egg
$295 concession, no Jade Egg required
$385 concession, with a Nephrite Jade Egg

Discounts available to past students and those with financial hardship. Please reach out for more information. 

"Naomi is absolutely gifted at holding a safe, gentle space for women to slow down and lean into practicing deep embodied self care. I have experienced significant improvements in pelvic health and aliveness doing Naomi’s classes."

- Elizabeth, 47 yrs