PsychoSexuality and the Jade Egg 

Have you been curious about the Jade Egg and how this tiny tool of transformation may impact on your life?

Have you been dreaming of a deeper, more profound relationship with yourself, your pleasure, and your body?

Would you enjoy better pelvic and vaginal health, hormonal well being and a more sensually turned on life?

Would you like to deeply explore the link between your mind and your sexuality and pleasure?

... then read on!

"I felt completely safe because Naomi is a person I can trust with intimate, personal, delicate matters. Naomi is beautifully gentle and I have learned self care, re-connection with my inner self and how important it is for me to focus on what I need to do to look after my physical and emotional needs."

- Maria, 53 yrs

So what is a Jade Egg ...


A jade egg is a small piece of Nephrite Jade, that has been carved into a small egg shape, with a hole drilled down the center.

We use nephrite jade because of its structure. Unlike other stones such as quartz and obsidian that are crystalline and might chip and crack or trap bacteria and germs, Jade consists of interweaving fibers that are incredibly strong, and 99.8% non-porous.

Oh, and yes, the egg is used inside the vagina.

... and why should I bother?

Firstly, there are so many potential benefits!


  • Overall pelvic health including chronic and acute conditions, and the changes that may become a challenge at different life stages.

  • Hormonal balancing and wellbeing

  • Vaginal health

  • More pleasure = more and richer orgasms.

  • Healing old injuries or wounds to the pelvis and vagina

  • Recovering from birth and surgery

  • Healing incontinence, vaginal dryness or thinning, and chronic yeast and bladder infections

  • Prevention of prolapse

  • Greater sexual mastery

  • Reawakening of libido and accessing a greater amount of our pleasure capacity

  • ... and so, so much more!

What do you mean by PsychoSexuality?

So, this is the thing. It really isn't just about the egg.

Sure, it is a fantastic tool, and so much healing and transformation is possible, but the most important thing is HOW you use your egg.

Just putting an egg inside of you and expecting miracles to happen is a bit of a long shot. Instead, modern science is proving what Naturopaths have known for a very long time.


There is no separation between our psyche, our mind, our feelings, beliefs and consciousness, and our bodies. PsychoSexuality focuses on the connection between the mind and our genitals, pleasure and sexual function.

Whatever is happening in our heads, it shows up in our bodies. And, if something is happening in our bodies, it can directly affect our mood and thoughts.

So what does the Jade Egg have to do with PsychoSexuality?

Using a Jade Egg has the potential to deeply bring your awareness into your body, and gives an extra layer of possibility to working through some of the history, emotions and thoughts that you may have around your sexuality, pleasure and sexual organs.

But, apart from all of that, practicing with the egg can be fun and deeply pleasureful!

Want to try it out?

1:1 or group sessions are available over zoom, or if you and a group of friends are curious and want to learn more, I can come to you! 

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