Dare to turn and face your pain unflinchingly, so that your greatest burden can become your greatest point of power and healing.

Dare To Face Your Pain:
From Suffering To Sanity
5 Day Challenge


When you are managing chronic pain, burning, or itching, it can be hard to imagine that there is anything positive about what you are experiencing.

But, would you believe me if I said that even in the hardest, most difficult experiences there is the opportunity for healing and power?

You probably don't.

That's because you're just doing your best managing your symptoms, getting through your days, and


You might feel like your symptoms are a burden, and yours to carry alone.

You have been told that the only thing that you can do is to try to reduce the severity of what you are experiencing.

You have been taught that the only way forward is medication or medical interventions, but when they don't work, or the side effects make it too hard to bear, you are once again left to manage.

You have been taught that what is happening to you is your burden to carry, and that all you can do now is endure.

But, the most profound healing is possible when you choose to turn and face what is happening in your body and your life. 

Because when you choose to put down the burden and pick up your power, healing is the only thing that is possible.

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This 5 day Pelvic Pain Challenge:
From Frustration to Freedom
is an exploration into that quiet voice inside of you, the one that knows what you need to do to heal.

This Challenge is not for the faint of heart:

  • It takes COURAGE to choose to honor the voice of your body, especially if it goes against what others are saying is the right thing to do.

  • It takes BRAVERY to shift your focus from all of the loud voices of authority outside yourself, to the quiet voice of true authority inside.

  • It takes TENACITY to feel how deeply you ache to heal, and to choose to do what it takes to achieve that healing.

But, let's face it, managing your symptoms means you already have COURAGE, BRAVERY and TENACITY in spades, whether it has been 19 days or 19 years since you last had a symptom free day.

The price you pay for not turning inwards and listening to your own body, is that you will never learn how deeply you can trust yourself, and that your body is actually your greatest ally on this healing journey.

And, that means you have a missed opportunity to transform your life and HEAL.

This Challenge is for you if you are ready to:

  • Start re-writing how your journey with pain, burning and itchiness ends

  • Discover the strength and wisdom that your body holds

  • Learn to speak a new language - the language of your body

  • Deepen into your trust of yourself

  • Take a stand for your own healing, from the inside out

And to do it all with the support and encouragement of others, on the journey of learning to trust your body, together. 

The details:

Dates: Wednesday 19th through to Sunday 23rd January

Time: 9am GMT

Where: Private Facebook group - link provided on sign up

Included: 5 x 60 minute calls, plus pdf downloads with homeplay (homework) prompts

Cost: FREE!

Are you ready?

I can't wait to spend 5 powerful days with you!