Who is Naomi?

I am a woman.

I am a friend.

I am a maker of delicious dinners and lazy Sunday brunches.

I am a tap dancer, trampoline bouncer and nature explorer.

I am a seeker of the deeper meaning behind life and living.

I am an advocate for women to live their radiant self love through connecting to their pleasure and sensuality.


But most of all, I am just like you.

A woman with an ‘imperfect’ body, susceptible to moments of self doubt and crankiness, susceptible to even more moments of self love and celebration.


The reason I know how you feel is because, just like you, I have lived a life of self hatred and of punishing myself for the way that I look.


I know how it feels to live with shame and despair, I know how it feels to live with disordered eating, disgust for my body and feeling completely lost and alone.


More importantly, the reason that I know that a different life is possible is because I have lived a life of self love as well. I know what it takes to love myself and my body, to celebrate all that I am and to share that with the world.


In fact, I am living that life now. And I want to share what I know with you.


I teach the tools and strategies for you to live a life where self love is the basis for all of your choices and actions.

So that you can break free of your old patterns and beliefs and delight in your body as the sensual and beautiful creature

that she is.

Book in for a FREE 30 minute 'Body Love Breakthrough' chat

so that I can give you 3 deeply powerful tools that I know create profound and lasting change in igniting yourself!

The technical details: I am a degree qualified Clinical Naturopath and an Internationally Certified QiGong instructor, with a decade of practical experience treating and supporting patients through all stages of life and its challenges. I am a certified  Ambassador of Saida Desilets and the Desilet Method, the world’s foremost authority on the Jade Egg and a global movement for sexual and body sovereignty for women. I have supported hundreds of women in reclaiming their relationships with their sensuality, sexuality and bodies through workshops, personal and group sessions.

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