I will not only give you the tools to reconnect you to your body,

but I will cheer you on, every step of the way!


Hi Beauty, I'm Naomi

I believe that each of us has the right to healthy, turned on, satisfied bodies. But I also know that, for a lot of women, satisfaction feels like a long way away. Too often we settle for not quite enough, or for living with pain, discomfort, incontinence or dryness.

I want to change that.

It isn't enough anymore to just be 'ok'. Our world is too fast moving and complicated, and too much is being demanded of us. What is needed is vibrant health and full bodied pleasure.

That's where I come in. I'm someone who will not only give you tools to reconnect you with your body and begin the healing process, but will cheer you on every step of the way, so that you can live your life in a body that is vital with health... and full of pleasure.

"Naomi provided a beautiful sense of safety through her comfortable, embodied presence and passion for the work. I learnt that there was a level of deep listening that I had never previously allowed myself. I learnt how much deeper my own boundaries and safety and advocacy can become to facilitate a deeper experience of love and pleasure in my body". 

~ Catherine, 38

Ten years ago, on paper, my life looked great.

I was living a life of fun and adventure, I had a great job and a mild obsession with mid-century-modern furniture. My friends would tell you I had it all.


That is, all except for one friend, who one afternoon over a cup of tea in my kitchen, looked me straight in the eye and said 'you're not really ok, are you?'

She was right, I wasn't ok. The truth was, I was using food and binge eating to numb myself, because I couldn't bear to admit how turned off and dry my life had become.


I was completely disengaged from my body, I never felt pleasure, and I sure didn’t orgasm. I knew that something wasn’t right, but I was lost to know what to do about it. And every day I felt like I was falling deeper into despair.


But then everything changed.


Her question was the catalyst I hadn't known I was waiting for, the thing that finally made me decide to reach out for support. 


I discovered QiGong, and then powerful Jade Egg practices, and finally I had the tools that could help grow the missing links between my mind, my body, and my pleasure. Then, as my body healed, my pleasure grew, and I realised how many women need what I have learned.


And so, The Pleasure Naturopath was born!

My journey continues ...

I take my work seriously, and I'm on a continuing quest to live and breathe what I teach and share, so that I can be the best support to my clients that I can be. 

I am a living example of what is possible when pleasure is chosen, and healing can occur.

As well as being a degree qualified Naturopath, I have gained International certifications in Qigong, and am a certified Ambassador for Saida Desilets, the world’s foremost authority on the Jade Egg and the founder of a global movement for sexual and body sovereignty for women.

I have been the Director of a Women's Residential Recovery program, walked across Spain and Norway, gained my Permaculture Design Certification on a small island in the English Channel, and slept out under the stars in a game reserve in South Africa with the roars of lions echoing in the night air.

And throughout all of these experiences, the one constant has been my dedication:


to healing and to pleasure.

I want to share it with you!

Together we can:

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Create a clear vision of what vital, full bodied health looks like for you

Untitled design(3).png

Develop a specific, actionable, pleasurable plan to get you there

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Dive deeply into the link between your mind, your emotions and your capacity for pleasure as you heal

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Celebrate your body, healed, turned on, alive, juicy and ready for pleasure - anytime!

"Naomi was supportive and respectful and explained everything from a sacred perspective. I felt as though I could cope with whatever arose because of the support that was provided"

~ Deborah, 53 yrs

If you're ready for healing, for pleasure, for vitality.

Or, at the very least, you're ready to consider that something different might be possible for you.

I've got the energy and the experience to help you. If you're ready to talk next steps, let's chat.